The Signature Program

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An exclusive Rinehold experience

Quicker Results

With the Signature Program, you will get priority access to your inflammatory foods results list faster than other packages, so you can start learning and making lifestyle changes accordingly!

Nutrition Library

You will have access to a plethora of resources that allow you to take control of your health journey.

Personalized Guidance

Thanks to the library of resources, we will be able to spend more time discussing practical next steps and less technical education.


Getting started

1. Apply for the program

2. Receive your results

3. Pursue answers and success together!

What’s Included:

The Signature Program

You’ll get everything in the Premium Testing Package:

  • MRT test (Results reviewed/discussed up front)
  • GI MAP test (Results reviewed/discussed at 6-week follow-up appointment)


  • Wheat Zoomer/Celiac Panel (Results reviewed/discussed up front)
  • Micronutrient Deficiency Panel  (Results reviewed/discussed at 2-week follow-up appointment)

AND access to our Resource Library:

  • Initial Intro Webinar and Basics/Starter’s Guide
  • Functional Nutrition Testing & Creating a Personalized Regimen
  • Hydration & Detox
  • Basics of Meal Planning, Timing, and Balance of eating
  • LEAP book
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour webinar
  • Helpful Product Guide
  • Helpful Kitchen Tools/Appliance Guide
  • Supplement Overview & Rebalancing the Gut
  • Putting it all together: Long term plans
  • Stress Management

Overview of Your Journey


Your inflammatory food results will be shared once they are charted. You will receive your full MRT results the day before your first session to review.

Session 1

Discuss MRT results and Wheat Zoomer/Celiac results & develop personalized nutrition protocol.

Session 2

2-week follow-up. Reassess diet, review food-symptom logs, build on your nutrition protocol guided by your test results. Discuss Micronutrient deficiency test results and develop a supplement plan if needed.

4-week check-in

Diet, symptoms, and progress.

Session 3

6-week follow-up. Reassess diet and symptoms, review food-symptom logs, build on your nutrition protocol with untested foods. Discuss GI MAP results and adjust/add to supplement plan if needed.

3-month check-in

Regarding diet, symptoms, and progress. Continue building on your nutrition plan during the reintroduction process and creating a long-term diet & lifestyle plan for the future.

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