The LEAP Timeline

What can you expect working with your Certified LEAP Therapist? This is just one possible example of how your CLT may work with you, but packages and policies vary. Your needs may differ.

Initial Contact

You will complete a Symptom Survey and an Initial Client Consult Health History Form. If LEAP is right for you, your CLT will review your plans and goals with you.

Getting Started

Your CLT will set up your blood draw (MRT test, Wheat Zoomer/Celiac/Gluten Panel, Micronutrient Deficiency Panel), mail you an at-home test kit for the GI MAP stool sample, help you start a pre-LEAP Food/Symptom diary, and arrange your first appointment.

Blood Draw

Get your blood drawn and sent off! Wait for results. Your CLT may start helping you eliminate certain foods.

Begin Phase 1

Session 1: You’ll talk with your CLT to discuss MRT results, discuss Wheat Zoomer/celiac/gluten sensitivity results, set goals, and create your personalized Phase 1 LEAP nutrition plan together. This appointment is usually about 90-105 minutes. Your next appointment will be set around 10-14 days after you start your plan.

Record Progress

Explore your recommended ingredients and recipes as you begin your LEAP protocol. Observe & record your symptoms. You may have interim contact with your CLT as needed.

Start Phases 2-5

Session 2: This is your 2 week follow-up appointment. You should be feeling better by now! Talk with your CLT to review your Food/Symptom Diary and do a follow-up Symptom Survey.

Feeling better? Keep going!
Your CLT may have you start reintroducing foods at this time. This will be determined by your individual progress and test results.

Feeling the same? Troubleshoot
Meds interfering? Hard to stick to your LEAP plan? Still reacting? Your CLT will help modify your protocol. Keep recording your symptoms and check in again in 3-5 days.

Discuss the Micronutrient deficiency test results and develop a supplementation plan. This appointment is usually 60 to 75 minutes. Your next appointment will be made 2-4 weeks out.

Check In: 4 week follow-up email regarding diet, symptoms, and progress.

Start Phase 6

Session 3: This is your 6 week follow-up appt. Talk with your CLT to reassess diet and symptoms, review food-symptom logs, and add back untested foods.

Discuss your GI MAP results and adjust/add to the supplementation plan, if needed.  This appointment typically lasts around 60 to 75 minutes.

Check In: 3 month follow-up email regarding diet, symptoms, progress, building on your nutrition plan during the reintroduction process, and long-term diet & lifestyle.

Enjoy your progress!

Celebrate successes with a bath, massage, or trip. Be the star in your health, set future plans, and refer your friends!