Trust the Magic of New Beginnings

It’s difficult making that first step to a healthier lifestyle!  I want to help support and educate you with your nutrition & wellness journey.  Due to popular interest & the SUCCESS we’ve been having with the LEAP MRT program, I have been holding a bi-monthly class series for people to learn more about the program and those wanting continued support in group format!

This series of bi-monthly classes and individual/couples/buddy sessions for 2015 are related to the LEAP MRT program and issues and conditions that are almost always related to food sensitivities: irritable bowel syndrome (#IBS), #migraines#fibromyalgia#arthritis, and other chronic inflammatory conditions. The MRT testing & LEAP protocol also have great success with joint pain, #acne#fatigue & energy issues, #ADD#ADHD#autism, challenging #weightloss#PCOS#diabetes, and more.

Classes include info on:

1) The basics of the LEAP MRT program

2) What food sensitivities are & how they cause symptoms & illness

3) Why the MRT test & the LEAP protocol is your best test & program for identifying food sensitivities

4) How many chronic issues can be resolved be identifying reactive foods, eliminating them, & healing the gut/GI tract

5) How do we know LEAP MRT will work for YOU?!

6) Taking the LEAP: getting the MRT test & starting the LEAP protocol

7) Deciphering your results & putting them into action: A plan developed specifically for YOU!

8) Making your #LEAPdiet work @ home/work/away: shopping, prep, meal planning

9) Monitoring progress & results w/ the buddy system (your buddy can even be me!)

10) LEAP that lasts a LIFETIME: healing your gut, staying on track, staying symptom-free for LIFE! -AND-I will also have current/past LEAP patients as speakers to share their experiences, tips, & support.

There are also bonus PRACTICAL APPLICATION activities and demos planned for each class as well!  Making smoothies, planning balanced meals, jar meals, making wrap/tortillas/sauces/dressings/broths and much more is in store for these classes!  Please consider being a part!


The photo in this post was taken in Chimney Rock State Park at the very spot of my husband & I’s wedding 7/3/11… it was a breathtaking, perfect place for a new start of our life together. It is a great memory of how my life was in a very rough spot in my mid 20s & how it has blossomed (personally & professionally) since the day we were looking out over Lake Lure in this photo.

Please consider taking the #LEAP and working with me!

Even if this program or my services don’t interest you, please share it with someone who it might help.

Thank you for helping me to help others!