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  • “If you are on the fence as to if you should try the LEAP/MRT testing, take it from someone who had many inflammatory response issues, you should! I was dealing with daily sinus drainage/pain/pressure, along with reoccurring sinus infections, skin problems, gut issues (constipation/gas), brain fog, and all over achy feeling. I am so happy to say I have not taken any decongestant, have no headaches, my skin eczema is nearly completely gone and my brain is clear! My gut feels “healed” and I can tell if there is something I have eaten that did not agree. Since eliminating all inflammatory foods, I no longer have to guess what is bothering me. Oh, and a bonus, I have lost 7 pounds!”

    Jaimie Freeze
  • “I was having digestive problems along with sinus problems and a cough for over a year. I would wake up in the morning feeling tired and achy all over. I just different feel well at all. The Doctor would just give me antibiotics which I didn’t realize was making me feel worse. After talking with Courtney and having the blood test done I feel wonderful. After getting back my results and seeing what foods was making me ill and following the plan Courtney set up for me I no longer have those symptoms. I continue to eat healthy and walk 5 miles a day. Life is great when you feel good. Thanks Courtney.”

    Barbara Thiel
  • “I needed medically competent and evidence based nutritional direction for dietary restrictions with gluten sensitivity and interstitial cystitis. Courtney devised weekly menus which took a huge burden of trying to figure all that out. Courtney is there with professional knowledge and guidance. With her help and the LEAP testing, I found out the foods that are triggering my inflammation. No guess work, just a blood test and a meal plan directed by Courtney AND determination got me back on track. I believe in how Courtney practices nutrition. She has a professional base; registered dietitian from Purdue University. That was a corner piece for me because of my medical degree. She competently is practicing what western medicine is now embracing called “integrative medicine” which is combining traditional medicine with other alternative practices such as nutritional counseling. Thank you Courtney for your dedication to nutritional health!”

    Sara C. 8/5/14 (Interstitial Cystitis)
  • “Courtney, the differences are amazing. I’m honestly shocked at how different everything is. I am so much more clear minded, I have so much energy, no stomach aches or headaches and my back pain has decreased since i’ve stopped eating gluten. It is pretty challenging; however, I’m really sticking to it and I plan on making this my lifestyle.”

    Robert S. 7/31/14 (chronic back pain)
  • “I just got back from my Time Trial and Road National Championships last weekend and I won titles in both.  Plus, I was selected for the team to travel to Spain for a World Cup race in about 3 weeks and the team for the World Championship races over Labor Day weekend!  You made a huge impact on me and my diet, the way I ate, what I didn’t eat, and using food as fuel and for recovery.  I didn’t quite get to my goal of 190lbs before Nationals but weighed in consistently at 197-199, which is the lightest I’ve been in I can’t remember how long. I had many people notice that I’ve slimmed down a lot.” 

    T.D. 7/10/14 (paracyclist, sports nutrition client)
  • “The LEAP MRT program is the best thing I’ve done for my health.  I’ve been able to eliminate gut issues that recently  developed without the use of medications, and I feel much better while following the food plan that was designed for me.”

    Robin S. 6/25/14 (hypothyroid, osteopenia, difficulty losing weight, digestive issues)
  • After many years of dealing with my daughters GI issues, and a few years with a chronic fatigue diagnosis, I knew we needed to do something. We had been from doctor to doctor without much result. I saw Courtney’s information at the Y and decided we would try her services. Courtney was a wealth of information. Not only did she help us with what foods we could eat, she gave us recipes and educational information. We began to talk about the LEAP diet. We got the results and Courtney got to work immediately. She put together our diet, found us recipes, helped find ingredients and gave us the support we needed. I knew that if I had any questions, Courtney was there. We are almost 6 months since the start of our leap journey. We are adding untested foods frequently. My daughter is now off her GI medications and has more energy! I can’t thank Courtney enough for all her help and we couldn’t have done it without her.

    Sarah N. (Daughter had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic abdominal pain)
  • “After we met for my appointment I went on vacation and consequently didn’t start my gluten/dairy free diet until two weeks ago.Just wanted to share with you that this has been LIFE changing for me  ! I no longer have all the digestive issues I had for the past 4 + years and feel much better ! I no longer run for the bathroom and can eat out and enjoy myself !  I also kicked my COKE habit  :). I just wanted to share my news and say the money I spent on the consult with you was the best I ever spent. I also have lost 6 lbs already. Thanks again.”

    Jan 6/22/14 (CKD, diarrhea/GI issues, fatigue)




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