Single Service Sessions


Support via Skype, phone, text, and email are available for the following services.



Initial Nutrition Consultation/Counseling Session

Personalized session where we will:

  • Obtain client’s self-reported food intake
  • Obtain physical activity level, training schedule, and other information such as food preferences, habits or behaviors, daily routines, etc
  • Review medical history & medications
  • Obtain weight and body composition assessment (measurements, body fat), if client desires
  • Review client’s goals and any past attempts at reaching goals
  • Develop a plan for the areas of the client’s diet that could benefit from improvement, and provide education around those areas
  • Create a plan which may include: various testing, a sample meal plan, vitamins/minerals/supplements if needed/desired, shopping/cooking/meal prep education
  • Diet Analysis



Full Follow-Up Nutrition Session

  • Personalized sessions needed for further nutrition education and working towards personal goals
  • Focuses on achieving nutritional balance for optimal health & wellness
  • You will learn about ideal nutrition, “clean living”, meal planning for your special needs, grocery shopping, vitamins & supplements, and anything geared towards your plan developed in your initial session
  • Healthy Home Help



Mini-Nutrition Session

A shorter session for touching base, maintaining accountability, and brief nutrition education

  • Based on client’s interests and provide support on areas of diet that need improvement
  • Developed for continued support towards goals developed during initial nutrition session



Grocery store tour

  • Learn how to select options to best fit your goals developed in the initial consult
  • Learn what to look for on labels, how to shop efficiently to reduce food costs while eating nutritiously, etc
  • This can be used as one of your sessions if you are doing a 6 Pack Nutrition Care Package



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