Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, Rebalance: The Five “Rs”

We MUST have a happy, healthy digestive system for the wellness of our whole body! Many people think if they don’t have an upset stomach or diarrhea, everything is functioning just fine…but that’s not always the case. Many autoimmune diseases, skin problems, heart disease, and many other chronic inflammatory issues stem from the lack of balance in our gut!

Many functional nutrition practitioners, such as myself, use the ‘5 Rs’ to help our patients hone in on why they have inflammatory issues and how they can heal their guts to achieve short term relief of symptoms as well as long term wellness.

Let me briefly explain what the 5 Rs are:



Remove things such as inflammatory foods, parasites, yeast, and other things that can be causing malabsorption or inflammation in the gut. Many practitioners recommend an allergy “elimination diet”, food journaling, certain diets such as gluten free/dairy free/Paleo/Whole 30 to try to help people to find out what foods might be bothering them or it may involve taking drugs or herbs to eradicate a particular bug (though I can’t prescribe meds/drugs as a RDN, I can guide you to resources if needed).



Replace things that are needed in your gut to properly digest and absorb foods; this would be things like digestive enzymes, Betaine HCl, ox bile, etc that are required for proper digestion and that may be compromised by diet, drugs, diseases, aging, or other factors. We would also discuss replacing nutrients you may be lacking (again, a very individualized area where I would recommend certain testing to guide us, and then recommend good quality supplements and/or food as needed.



Many of us have too much bad bacteria and/or not enough good bacteria in our guts…we often need to put the good stuff back in by using certain probiotic strains (some are better than other..also to be discussed in the Choice, Chance, Change course series) and foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics. Garlic and onions are just a few examples of prebiotics. A supplement called FOS can also be used.



Beyond removing inflammatory foods to help our gut heal, we can also assist the healing process by giving our gut more nutrients that help the healing process: antioxidants, zinc, L-glutamine, omega-3 fish oil, and specific gut-healing supplement mixes can be helpful.



Finally, our lifestyle plays a huge role in our gut health—crazy, right? We can focus on our sleep habits, stress management techniques, and exercise to also optimize our gut health!
If you are feeling overwhelmed, please don’t stress (we don’t need anymore gut disruption occurring! ☺ )…if you aren’t ready to attend the detailed course to get individualized guidance quiet yet, I’ll be sharing more general details in future newsletters!



overcomePicture THIS: No more daily meds for headaches, allergies, muscles aches, or sinus pain. No more being doubled over with gastrointestinal pains. Being able to read and not have to reread things over and over because you cannot concentrate. (All of this WAS me! It can be YOU too!) Even difficulty losing weight or the inability to stick to healthier diet changes can actually be caused by food sensitivities (I will also be explaining food sensitivities in more detail in upcoming newsletters, videos, & classes!)


My passion for functional/holistic nutrition motivates me to provide services for support, encouragement, education, and answers to your problems support for healing & optimal health. The more you learn about your specific needs, practical tips & meal planning, etc., the more confident you will feel and the better results you will achieve. I feel SO strongly that nutrition can help so many different areas of our lives.

And EVEN if you’ve tried everything else and feel like you failed.
Get ready to HOLD on to your health and LEAP into a new you!