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Support via Skype, phone, text, and email are available for the following services.



2 Pack Nutrition Consultation & Follow-Up

Includes the Initial Nutrition Consultation/Counseling Session and a Full Follow-Up Session, typically around 2 weeks later.


6 Pack Nutrition Care Packages

Includes initial nutrition consultation/counseling session and 5 additional 30 to 60-minute Follow-Up sessions. Individualized meal plans and recipes can be developed and included, if desired, in exchange for one of the sessions.


General Wellness:

Focuses on achieving nutritional balance for optimal health & wellness. You will learn about ideal nutrition, meal planning, eating out, grocery shopping, etc, sessions will be customized to fit your needs & interests.

Prenatal & Postpartum:

Focuses on ideal nutrition & hydration before/during/after pregnancy, personal nutrient needs, and managing issues such as constipation, cramps, GI distress, dizziness, & fatigue. We will ensure you achieve adequate nutrient intake and a healthy amount of weight gain throughout pregnancy. Sessions can be held throughout pregnancy, and also after delivery, to help focus on nutrition for lactation and/or post-baby weight loss.

Sports Performance:

Focuses on ideal nutrition and hydration before/during/after training and competition to optimize performance, meet nutrient needs, avoid common issues such as GI distress/cramping/dizziness/loss of stamina, and more! The LEAP MRT test/program & Spectracell micronutrient testing can help to benefit performance by reducing inflammation, improving focus & recovery, & optimizing nutrient levels in the body.

Weight Reduction:

Focuses on facilitating weight reduction and maintenance healthfully. Regular sessions will help to provide support and ensure your understanding of weight management techniques. Education will be provided on ideal nutrition, meal planning, mindful eating, grocery shopping, etc.  Measurements can be obtained regularly to help monitor progress towards goals.  The LEAP MRT test/program can help with weight loss because it reduces inflammation & the fat storage hormone, helps with fluid retention, helps to break food “addictions”, helps improve sleep and more.   Nutrient deficiencies can play a role in weight management too, so considering the Spectracell micronutrient testing could be a good add on.

Renal/Chronic Kidney Disease:

Focuses on managing dietary changes to help prolong your kidney function and help manage swelling, blood sugars, etc.  You will receive guidance on lowering high blood pressure or diabetes, if applicable, and managing labs that are typically out of range when you have kidney issues: potassium, phosphorus, albumin, and more.   You will learn about reading labels, shopping, and cooking on a CKD/renal diet.

Fertility/Reproductive Health/PCOS:

Focuses on achieving nutritional balance for improving reproductive health, reducing commonly associated symptoms of infertility &/or PCOS, maintaining a healthy weight.  Nutrition can help: Regulate menstrual cycle, decrease stress and anxiety associated with infertility, normalize hormone and endocrine systems, improve blood flow in the uterus, decrease chance of miscarriage.  You can learn to control your eating and body by making the right food choices gained through nutrition counseling.  The LEAP MRT test/program & Spectracell micronutrient testing can be a good route to go to help optimize reproductive health for a variety of reasons which can be discussed during your consult!


Focuses on achieving nutritional balance for improving/relieving common associated symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, anxiety/depression, hair/skin issues, weight gain/loss, GI issues, etc. You will also learn about ideal nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, nutrition supplementation.  The LEAP MRT test/program can help bring your thyroid and adrenal levels back into balance by reducing inflammation, helping to break food “addictions”, helping to improve sleep quality, and more.   

Anti-Inflammatory Plan: Healing the Gut/Food Sensitivities using the LEAP MRT program and/or GAPS program:

A popular choice for improving many common inflammatory issues- Focuses on identifying offending foods & chemicals through the LEAP MRT program and facilitating a lifestyle which will heal the gut and relieve common symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, reflux, acne/skin issues, weight gain/loss, and people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions (fibromyalgia, arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD/ADHD, etc). You will learn about removing inflammatory foods/chemicals, obtaining optimal nutrition, meal planning, grocery shopping, & living a “cleaner” lifestyle.  (MRT Food sensitivity blood test has 150 foods/chemicals/additives that are tested. Spectracell Micronutrient Deficiency Test is also recommended)

Gut Health, Healing, & Immune Function

• “5 R” Gut Restoration Program
• Clean Living
• Bringing your Diet Back to the Basics
• Paleo Cooking
• The Gluten-Free Guide
• Living with Food Sensitivities
• Online Workshops/Webinars


Optional Session Services as part of your package:

  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Body Composition Assessments
  • Diet Analysis
  • Meal Planning
  • Healthy Home Help
  • Phone Coaching/Counseling
  • Internet Coaching/Counseling (via Email and/or Skype or similar program)
  • Testing (see testing page)
  • Supplementation Suggestions



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