Micronutrient Deficiency Testing


Spectracell Testing

Technology used with Spectracell Testing measures the intracellular function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells (lymphocytes). Since lymphocytes carry an individual’s nutritional history for a period of four to six months, these tests can reveal an individual’s nutrient status over a broader period of time. The results obtained from these tests, therefore, will likely uncover deficiencies that standard serum tests would likely miss. If these deficiencies are not corrected, the physiology of your cells is altered, and they could impair your health by contributing to the development and/or progression of many chronic diseases. With this testing, the guesswork is taken out of potential nutritional deficiencies that would have often gone undiagnosed with routine testing.

Here’s what’s tested:


Personalized Nutrient Plan of Care

Once the test results are reviewed you will be given specific recommendations for fixing deficiencies via food (and supplements, if needed/desired). Your deficiencies will be explained so that you understand what the possible symptoms are and how they can be fixed.  A follow up test can be performed later to make sure your nutrients are being repleted and results are being achieved.


Here are some sample test results:


Spectracell Female Hormone Panel


Spectracell Micronutrient Sample Results


Spectracell Thryoid and Adrenal Sample Results