10 Healthy Food Ideas & Products For You and Your Children

Are you having trouble finding healthy food ideas for you and your children? Let’s make healthy food fun! Being in a good mood during mealtime can make or break whether a kid is willing to try a new food or not. Introducing and presenting foods in intriguing way can be important. Putting on a smile can as well! That’s why spicing up meals and snacks in new ways can excite your child and interest them in eating nutritious options. We want our children to have a happy, healthy future. Sadly, so many of them are already struggling with ADHD, eczema, constipation, asthma, autism, etc. We need to continue to focus on what we CAN do to heal and nourish the future of our world.

Food can be healing. Don’t forget that. We as parents are role models. Our kids watch what we eat, how we react to foods, and our moods when we eat. Let’s focus on showing them how healthy food can taste good, how we are happy when we eat it, and let’s empower our kids with the tools to grow up with strong immune systems & happy tummies 😃

Here are 10 items and ideas you should consider trying with your family:

1. Slim Sticks

Slim Sticks

Carry veggie sticks, nuts/seeds, homemade popsicles and more in these reusable “sticks”.

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2. Lunchable Ideas

Homemade Lunchables

Plenty of real food ideas for kids’ lunches!

Get your healthy lunchable ideas here.


3. On the Go Cups

On the Go Cups

These would be great for plain yogurt, berries, & a sprinkle of trail mix or granola!

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4.Homemade Jello


Avoid the dyes and sugar in packaged jello and make your own with gelatin powder and fruit juice!

Get the jello recipe here.


5. Lego Jello Molds

Lego Jello Molds

What a perfect companion to your new homemade jello! My son gets a kick out of using these Lego jello molds. Your kids might enjoy them too!

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6. Upgraded Lunch Boxes

Eco Lunchbox

I love the stainless steel options out these days! We have the Planet Box, but this Eco Lunchbox is another handy option!

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7. Sandwich Cutters

Sandwich Cutters

We don’t have any crust haters in this household, but I could see how these cutters could be quite popular! I’ve heard of many people saving the crust for breadcrumbs or breakfast casseroles…so shove them in a freezer bag for a casserole-kind-of-day.

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8. Colorful Decor…Reusable Fruit Picks!

Reusable Toothpicks

Hold wraps together, stick them in fruit bites, use them for cheese & meat stacks

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9. Reusable Food Pouches

Reusable Food Pouch

I’m all about reusable items to minimize waste. These would be handy for smoothies, applesauce, yogurt and more!

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10. Clever & Delicious Recipe Books for Kids

These cute ideas could be used for weekends brunches, school lunches, or when you have the munchies!

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